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Ethan Thibault

Ethan Thibault


Graduate student (Plant Biology and Molecular Plant Sciences)


B.S., University of Vermont

Research statement: 

Dealing with stress. A universal and eternal struggle that impacts evolution in all living organisms. Some forms of stress result in unique, dedicated pathways, while others converge on shared pathways for dealing with perturbations. The Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) is an example of one such shared pathway that eukaryotes use to cope with numerous stressors that manifest in the ER. In the Brandizzi lab, I bring a passion for understanding and characterizing molecular mechanisms to the research being done on the UPR to identify key players and characterize their roles within this indispensable pathway. By working to understand how pathways work, I hope to provide an informed foundation and structure to which we can apply changes that can provide solutions to problems across eukaryotes, from plants to humans.